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Translation and Notarization

Drug product registration and clinical trials involve large number of pharmaceutical and medical documents in different languages, especially if the product is manufactured (in whole or in part) by a foreign company.

Unlike literary texts, pharmaceutical and medical documents contain significant amount of special technical terms which can confuse a regular translator without proper training and lead him to critical mistakes in his work. We consider this scenario unacceptable due to important role of these documents and their accurate translation which must reflect real picture and the contents of the original document. Acknowledging this fact we are offering our services as your reliable partner in medical documents translation. In our work we source for the translators with the highest qualification in medical, chemical and pharmaceutical field available on the market.

Document notarization workflow

This procedure includes the following steps:

Original document (or its notarized copy) and its translation are filed together with the translator's and notary's full name information sheet.

The last sheet of the filed document is sealed and stamped by a notary.

Number of filed sheets is authorized by a notary's signature that authorizes the translator's signature.

When the document is translated from one foreign language into the other, notary's stamp must be translated into the same language as the translated document.

For some documents it is enough to authorize the translation with translator's stamp and signature. In this case original and translated versions are filed together and translator's stamp and authorizing signature are put on the other side of the document.

We take full responsibility for the quality of produced documents including their foreign versions.

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